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Are you ready to achieve your Optimal Wellness?

Each of us has our own personal vision of what living our Optimal Wellness looks like.

As your Health & Wellness Coach, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. Working together, you will discover the food, fitness and lifestyle choices that best support you in reaching your health & wellness goals.

We will explore your health concerns and introduce healthy habits into your daily routine needed for a lifetime Optimal Wellness.

What does Optimal Wellness mean to you?

Our clients' Optimal Wellness, in their own words:

  • "I found my waistline again!"
  • "My posture is greatly improved. I no longer move/stand like an old person."
  • "I have regained physical strength that I thought I had lost forever."
  • "I now move with confidence and ease."

Your personalized Optimal Wellness Program will improve your health and wellness in record time!

During the course of your program, you will:

  • Set and accomplish your health & wellness goals
  • Learn your personal food profile
  • Gain confidence in choosing and preparing the foods that support your health
  • Explore new foods
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Identify your personal fitness formula
  • Establish your unique stress release practice
  • Create balance in your life by making self-care a priority

We begin your journey by reviewing your health history and establishing SMART goals towards achieving your vision of Optimal Wellness. Your personalized program is based on your unique vision of Optimal Wellness and the health goals you desire to achieve.

For information on Total Metabolic Evaluation and Goal Setting CLick Here

Your Optimal Wellness program includes:

  • personal consultation sessions
  • health & wellness resources
  • quick & easy food prep
  • body balancing exercise routines
  • specific action plans and support for you to establish healthy personal lifestyle habits

Your personalized program blends the benefits of yoga, Pilates, functional fitness and corrective exercise along with the latest scientifically proven nutrition and lifestyle practices.

For more information on each of these practices click here

Are you ready to begin your journey to discovering your Optimal Wellness? Contact Us to schedule your complimentary Total Metabolic Evaluation and Goal Setting session.

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