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Become a conscience shopper.

Buy Local

Some of our food travels thousands of miles to reach us. In a time of
rising concern over carbon footprints and the cost of fuel, this occurs as
a gross misappropriation of resources. Buying local drastically reduces
the consumption of fossil fuels and is a big step in reducing our overall
carbon footprint. Locally grown food is also higher in nutrient content as
it has spent less time in transit from ground to consumer. We get more for
our money when the produce is fresh. Buying local products is also a great
way to support local businesses. These are our neighbors and friends and
by keeping the money in their hands they will be more likely to reinvest
in our local communities.

Support Organic Growers

As the demand for organic food increases, the supply increases, and the
price drops. It is in everyone's best interest to vote with their fork and
buy organic whenever possible. Talk to your local store and request that
they stock organic options.

Be Wary of Packaging

USE REUSABLE BAGS! Using reusable shopping bags is a simple yet extremely
effective way of reducing the burden on the environment and the cost to
ourselves. Be conscious of all the packaging that your food comes in and
choose accordingly. Refrain from using individual plastic bags for each
item when buying fresh produce because you're going to wash it anyway.
Reuse the same plastic bags repeatedly when doing bulk buying.

Living a whole life means being responsible in every area of life, including our buying habits.



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