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Cathy understands that you are unique and require specialized coaching to ensure success on your wellness journey. Your Optimal Wellness program is custom designed to suit your specific needs. Modalities Cathy uses to support you in achieving your Optimal Wellness include:


Total Metabolic Evaluation & Goal Setting -

Defining Your Journey to Optimal Wellness During your initial consultation, we identify your vision for Optimal Wellness by evaluating your health history as well as gathering some baseline data to measure your progress during your journey. The Total Metabolic Evaluation provides you with vital information regarding your body composition, (% body fat, lean muscle mass, body hydration level, bone mass), and even your metabolic age, (how old your body is based on body composition measurements). This evaluation is repeated periodically during your program to measure progress towards your unique health goals. Of course, the ultimate indicator of wellness is based on how you feel: how much energy you have, ability to pursue your passions and do the activities you enjoy. We track your self-reported wellness indicators over the course of your journey so you can see how far you have come. Your results are compared weekly with your Optimal Wellness SMART goals which are established at the beginning of your Optimal Wellness program. Over the course of your Optimal Wellness journey, you will receive personalized exercise routines, select recipes and food samples as well as additional health and wellness resources to support you in achieving your wellness goals.

Yoga -

An Ancient Healing Art for Modern Wellness Yoga has been used for centuries as a way of healing body imbalances both physically and mentally. The practice of yoga typically begins with physical postures, (asanas), which connect body movement with breath, eventually bringing the body to stillness and meditation. Yoga postures are woven into your personalized Optimal Wellness program to support your body in healing, building strength, increasing flexibility and enhancing your mind-body connection. A home practice of selected postures is often recommended as part of your Optimal Wellness program to ensure you experience the greatest benefits Yoga has to offer. What clients are saying about their Yoga experience:

Pilates -

Building Strength from the Inside Out Pilates exercise methodology focuses on controlled movements coordinated with breath to encourage optimal body alignment. Through the selection of specific Pilates exercises tailored to your body's unique needs, you will experience increased strength, flexibility and improved balance. Our fully-equipped studio allows us to adapt Pilates exercises to any body in any condition; clients as young as 12 and as old as 88 benefit from a personalized routine experiencing an immediate improvement in posture and body awareness. What clients are saying about their Pilates experience:

Functional Fitness/Corrective Exercise -

A Personalized Approach to Keeping Your Body Strong Your body is designed to move and be strong for your lifetime. Aging does not dictate your level of fitness! Whether you are beginning an exercise routine for the first time or wish to increase your current fitness level, your personalized fitness formula focuses on increasing your strength and stamina while adapting for your unique physical condition. Your personalized fitness formula incorporates the most efficient and scientifically-proven methods for achieving strength, power and endurance while honoring your body's need for recovery. We blend high-intensity interval training with maximum strength development to achieve functional movement patterns for activities of daily living and sport-specific skill development, while also rebalancing your body to prevent injury. Quick & easy at-home workouts are provided so you can make movement a part of your daily routine. What clients are saying about their personalized Functional Fitness/Corrective Exercise experience:

Nutrition -

You Are What You Eat! Your body is made up of air, water and FOOD. The foundation of your health is based on your nutrition habits. Especially as we "achieve life experience", (get older!), the food choices we make have a direct impact on our overall health and avoidance of chronic diseases. We believe the healthiest approach to eating is based on WHOLE, FRESH and NATURAL foods; the foods that don't require labels! You can learn to master your eating for Optimal Wellness with our support including: tracking nutrition choices using a food diary, simplified weekly meal planning, how to prepare a week's worth of healthy meals in less than an hour, "adding and substituting" nutritious food options to achieve a balanced diet without deprivation, scientific facts about food's impact on your health, where to find best quality WHOLE, FRESH and NATURAL foods. Having studied over 100 different dietary theories, we can help you find the "fast track" to your personal eating for Optimal Wellness. What clients are saying about their experience of eating for Optimal Wellness:

Lifestyle -

Sleep, Stress and Happiness Your Optimal Wellness is achieved not only through healthy eating and regular exercise. In fact, often overlooked but vitally important to your Optimal Wellness is the quality and quantity of sleep you get along with how well you manage stress in your life. Truly achieving happiness requires a balance of many life elements: relationships, career, education, social life, spirituality, etc.; we refer to these as "primary foods". We evaluate your personal life balance as part of your Optimal Wellness program then together, we define goals towards achieving your vision of Optimal Wellness in all aspects of your life. Throughout your Optimal Wellness program, we review your balance of "primary foods" and you are introduced to ideas and actions you can take to achieve balance in all areas of your life. What clients are saying about living Optimal Wellness in balance:


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