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" Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food"

Hippocretes ( 460-370 B.C.)


The first question we really need to answer is:

What is food for?

Food supplies our bodies with vital nutrients in order to support,
maintain, and regenerate our tissues and organs. It is quite a simple
scientific equation which has been turned into a large, profit-generating
industry. As a society, we LOVE food. We fantasize about it, we glamorize
it, and we make it a source of entertainment and satisfaction in it's own
right. We have forgotten that food is what builds the cells of our bodies.

Picture this...When you open the back of a fine, Swiss watch you can see
all the minute parts spinning and moving in perfect harmony in order to
make the hands keep impeccable time. Now, imagine putting sand into the
back of that watch. It wouldn't work so well, would it? This is what we do
when we add chemicals to our bodies.

How about your car? Would you put milk into the gas tank? How about corn
syrup or sugar? We require certain nutrients to survive and thrive. Our
bodies were not designed to process chemicals. Why treat your body with
less respect than the hunk of machinery that you drive around in?

The body was not designed to process chemicals.

Farmers use phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium to fertilize soil.
Plants need over 52 different kinds of nutrients to grow properly. If the
plants, our food source, are not getting what they need to grow, they
become weak and undernourished. In order to sustain their life, these
plants are beefed up with fertilizers and pesticides. Then these plants,
our source of vitamins and nutrients, which is incapable of surviving
without added chemicals while it is still in the growing stage, are
shipped to our stores for human consumption. It may take weeks before this
food source, this plant that is incapable of surviving on it's own without
added chemicals, is made available to the general public, all the while
losing yet more of the already depleted nutrient content.

When we finally get these foods to our homes, they are nearly destitute of
vitamins and minerals. And before we put these foods on our tables, we
cook the heck out of them and completely destroy any of the enzymes or
nutrients that may have been there in the first place.
Processed foods contain even more chemicals designed to preserve food,
make it look more appealing, and taste "better" for the consumer.

Now,where else do we use chemicals to preserve and make something look

The mortuary.

You may be wondering why your doctor has never spoken to you about this.
It may be because less than 6% of American doctors get extensive training
in nutrition. They are simply not in the habit of emphasizing the
importance that diet plays in our health.

So, if your food is your preventative medicine here are some facts for you...

Preventable Deaths in this country annually.

Heat Disease 652,486
Cancer 553,888
Medical procedures and meds 225.000

All of these can be greatly reduced by diet ALONE.

These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg as to why you should focus
your diet on organic foods. Eat lots of greens, vegetables, and fruits in
the purest form possible.

Cracking the Organic Code.

How can you tell if produce is organic? Look at that sticker on them. If
it is a 4 digit number, it is not organic. If it is a five digit number
that begins with an 8, it is genetically modified. If it is a 5 digit
number that begins with a 9 it is organic.

Simple rule: 9 to 5
five digits beginning with a nine.



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